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  • PowerSwatch™ URBAN/JUNGLE Survival Kit

    PowerSwatch™ URBAN/JUNGLE Survivial Kit

    Kit includes everything you need for adventures off the grid: PowerSwatch mobile solar charger; long-life rechargeable battery pack with integrated LED flashlight and retractable micro USB cable; USB and cigarette-adapter DC cables; plus four super-sticky suction cups—so you can stick it where the sun DOES shine!

  • PowerSwatch™ mobile solar charger

    PowerSwatch™ Mobile Solar Charger

    Now you can charge your mobile devices on the run, using the just the power of the sun! Works with nearly any USB-chargeable device.


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Stick it where the sun DOES shine!

Fact: smartphones have the uncanny ability to die when you need them most—and when you are farthest from a power source. The same can be said for just about every other mobile electronic device.

PowerSwatch puts the power of the sun right in your hand—or phone, camera, GPS, iPad, ereader, tablet, iPod, flashlight, game or other chargeable electronic gizmo.

Free yourself from wall power. Leave your car charger without fear. PowerSwatch solar chargers make your mobile devices, well, truly mobile.


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